Saturday, March 27, 2010

Make a Date with Joanne Lee

From the photos, you can tell,

Amber Chia is slightly taller than Anwar.

Joanne, a CanonMalaysian has a whole wardrobe of Nike T's.

Joanne is short sighted and looks the same in all her photos.

Joanne only likes local celebrities.

Joanne is closer to Amber than to Anwar.

Joanne proves that you do not have to work in Canon to have photos with some famous people.

Joanne I heard today is a fitness junkie and work out in fitness centres several times a week. She first started this bad habit several years ago when she felt she could not keep up with her husband physically.

I wonder whether she knows my friend Ian Cheang.

Oh yes, before I forget. Joanne is organising a get together with some ex-Canon people, CanonMalaysians.

The occassion will be a buffet lunch Holiday Villa on the 24th April 2010.

So far, the names of those probably coming include Louis Lee, Jeeneze Lee, Calvyn Laang, Rocky Loot, Angela Woon, Andrew Kong, Richard Yeow, Cheng Siew Ho, Chua Hock Keat, Brenda Kua. These are still early days. A lot more should be notified and be coming in. She mentioned the dim sum buffet is RM30.00 ++.

Joanne requests that you write on her facebook profile for her to keep track. You have a facebook account, don't you. Even an old uncle like me does.

By the way, both Amber and Anwar can't make it next month.


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