Wednesday, December 23, 2009

SwitJeremy Dinner Event - and Dinner Was Served!

After my feeble attempts at Cocaine and Wonderful Tonight,

Dinner was served accompanied by Rade's "She Made Me Smile".

Some of you especially CanonMalaysians have asked me, "Hoi, where are our photos? Why don't have one?"

Ya, some of you do not speak English very well.

2 reasons.

One, unlike the younger ones, CanonMalaysians invited to the event are not exactly in their teens and early twenties. Hence, you guys do not take pictures and upload them on your Facebook accounts.

"Like where can I get them to show the rest, you tell me? Somemore complain only."

Ya, sometimes I do not speak English very well.

Two, the official photographer from Wedding Couture has not given us a copy of his work yet. Jeremy should be chasing him for them.

They will come, I am sure. And all good things will come to those who wait.

Right now, let us be content with a photo of Adeleine Chin Ai, Ms Malaysia 2007?

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