Friday, December 18, 2009

SwitJeremy Dinner Event - So Many People to Thank

There are indeed many many people to thank.

Well first, members of Rade who not only are gracious enough to perform. Yet take me, Jeradyne and others on, on that nite.

Thank you Chit, Hung Siew, CY, Kok Keong and Jeremy.

Some pictures of them?

For ensuring the sound and lights coming out right and coordinating with the sound and lights people of the restaurant, we relied on Jay and he did not let us down one bit.
Thank you Jay.

We thought we needed some bigger names and we asked Hao Ren and Laimun.
They did not hesitate at all.
Thank you Hao Ren and Laimun.

And of course, we have the other guest artistes to thank as well.

Thank you Mr Low Sai Kok, Bobby, MobiKo, Jeeneze and Edmund, Jeradyne.

Leading the guest management and reception teams was Kwan Bee Geok.

Thank you Bee Geok.

The ladies doing the work. Bee Ling, Bee Wah, Bee Poh, and so many people helping out as well.

Thank you.

Certainly not lastly, I thank all our guests who took time off to grace this event.

You may want to know that your ang pow contributions went a long way to ensure that we can meet all expenses. Some of you are exceptionally generous and we are touched. You know who you are.

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