Wednesday, December 16, 2009

SwitJeremy Dinner Event - What Say You

You are most welcome. In fact I did enjoy the band.. very entertaining...

Cheng Siew Ho

Thanks for inviting and we do have a wonderful time. Good singers… musician family ya

Kym Lim

We have indeed enjoyed the night ! The singing/music performances were fantastic ! Besides, it was so good to meet with our looooong time Canon colleagues after sooooo many years ..... Jeeneze and I had concluded yesterday that those who are still with Canon "hoe sak hoe chu", they are so much "bigger" than those who had left Canon ! Jeeneze and I must go & ask LSC if there is any vacancy for two of us ! Haha....

Anyway, thanks to you too ! Wishing your son and his wife a wonderful beginning, and love to last a life time !! Congratulations !

Angela Woon

It has been a pleasure especially so when we get the opportunity to see a 56 year old cock still strutting his stuff and enjoying his coke fantasy.

Ng Eng Kiat

Please forgive me that i cant turn up last night, btw any photo available to view ?

Carine Chu

It was indeed an honour to be part of the most memorable and auspicious event.

Had such a great time catching up with 'old' friends that it was over before we knew it.

Planned so much on seating arrangements that i ended up without a seat..!!! Can't recall what food was served or how you performed on stage ??...haha. I think some strangers may
think i was also a busy 'butterfly' from one table to

Look forward to your daughter's year perhaps..?

Joe Wong

It was my pleasure. Cheerio!

Patrick Tam

hai dear brother, its a great don't worry about shortcomings..tq too for the warm invitation. My regards to all of u is never having to say you're sorry....

Carol Tay

Thanks for the wonderful dinner & show. Me & my family enjoyed ourselves.

Thanks to you & your family in allowing us to share and participate on such a joyous ocassion. All the best wishes to your son and daughter in law for the future and look forward to hear better news from you as a grandfather.

Patrick Chan Seng Sun

This was one hell of a get-together party for all the ex-Canons that I missed.

Peter Chin

I had a great time being entertained... especially by you. Thank you.

Christina Lee

You're most welcome Stanley. Had a great time!

Jeeneze Lee

Thanks for the great evening. Pat and I enjoyed ourselves very much and really appreciated meeting up with old friends again. Kudos to you!

Jack Lim

Please post cover version of "Cocaine" by Stanley "Slow Hand" Cheong on Youtube!

Peter Chow

And now, some pictures from Jeeneze's camera?

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