Monday, April 13, 2009

The World's Largest Swimming Pool in Chile

The pool at the Chilean resort San Alfonso del Mar has just been consecrated by the Guinness Book as the world's largest swimming pool.

A Chilean biochemist named Fernando Fischmann of Crystal Lagoons designed the pool utilizing a technology that recycles seawater to keep it clean. The chemicals traditionally used in maintaining pools are drastically cut back in this pool.

[Sigfrido Grimau, Resort Administrator]:"It consists of certain products and components that are ecologically compatible. It uses an amount of product 100 times lower than traditional pools."Grimau added that the project in Chile has helped draw attention to the company, which is negotiating with Argentina, Panama and Dubai to build similar pools.

Some might question the logic of putting such a pool next to the ocean. Chile's beaches are notoriously dangerous, with rough waves and strong rip currents.


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