Thursday, April 16, 2009

Would Bangsa Malaysia be possible

I believe so.

I believe it would be inevitable. The question would be when?

We do not need a Prime Minister today to declare it and to execute programs to achieve this end. It is good though for Najib to mentioned his 1Malaysia thing. His 1Malaysia can't be what most modern citizens want. Apartheid will remain a part of our lives for some time, but it somehow is part of the journey towards Bangsa Malaysia. We will go the way women equality and gays' rights have come so far and shall continue to evolve.

The Rakyat will somehow forced this eventuality. We have come too far to turn back. We can't turn back. The number of people (rakyat) educated enough to understand that meritocracy and the freedom to choose, has increased and is increasing still. I await critical mass.

The previous generations who fear police and governmental officers are today rapidly being replaced by younger voters who are more educated and are not afraid to voice their opinions.

There is certainly a growing number of younger Malays who already understood that the present Government is not doing them any favors. Forcing all Malays to be stuck as Muslims and using religion to unite the Malays will eventually not pan out. In time, more and more will exercise their freedom to choose, and I believe they will choose for change. Corruption and cronyism are too entrenched to be dismantled without a drastic change. Here, it would mean a change in Government and I look forward to this.

Today, 10% of pupils in Chinese medium primary schools are non Chinese Malaysians and a high percentage of this 10% are Malays. I can't help but feel that they too, in growing numbers, would want to compete and progress. The world being flat as it is, no one community really do have a choice.

Should the country continue to practise democracy, then yes, in time I believe Bangsa Malaysia is possible.

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