Wednesday, June 3, 2009

of Brenda Kua and Yan Yoke Ping

This is like finding the last piece of a puzzle.

Remember this picture? 3 angels of yore?

I've posted up this picture twice before and I've mentioned I wondered what happened to Brenda Kua. I've spoken about Jeeneze and Angela Woon and I have met up with these two.

Brenda is the one on the left.

Now the last piece has fallen into place.

Brenda left Canon about 6 years ago and worked for an German company heading their HR Division. Then she joined a British company in the tobacco business. No price for guessing which one. She didn't feel very good working in that industry and left to do her own business in Human Capital Consulting. (will somebody explain to me what is this human capital consulting?)

Right now, the condition couldn't be any better as she has the opportunity to spend more time with her growing kids; a boy (tall as the father) and a girl (petite like the mother). Imagine been able to watch movies with them when others have to be in the office working. Me for instance.

Hubby is also doing his own business; for the last ten years already.

Me? I can't just mind my own business!

How do I know all these?

Well, I asked her. duh!

I did not have the chance to ask Yan Yoke Ping anything as we did not have the chance to meet up.

Rumors has it that he has retired from the corporate scene and now operate a high class French restaurant in Low Yat in partnership with some top IT industry people. (maybe just one).

Anyone of you out there with a generous office expense account kind enough to bring me there? All I have ever reviewed about on food are the lower segments and street level food places. Would be nice to have a change.


Christopher said...

Hey all of you,still remember the guy wearing spectacles in charge of software support under Chew Kee Heng???Im the one! Christopher Ng,now in Brunei Darussalam,join my facebook u will find Yau Set Mei, Lanny Pan and others,my MSN, SKYPE,Im looking for Thomas Lee contact!! Cheers

I still remember u,Mr. u remember me???

Chris said...

Hey guys, this is the only photo I kept since 1993.

stanleycheong said...

Yup Chris, I do remember you. It has been a long time now. maybe 12-13 years?


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