Saturday, December 27, 2008

A somewhat Delighful Cruise ....... a bit more


This picture here is an archive picture of Edwin Eng of ECS Astar taken a few months ago.

Edwin was on the cruise trip and I mentioned him.

However, last night I couldn't sleep because I failed to mentioned quite a few people on the cruise as well, who spoke to me, smiled at me, laughed with me and generally shared space with me aboard this ship Libra full of people and full of food.

Representing Compugates was Mable Foo with her two children. I saw that they love to swim and Mable was always vigilant by the side of the pool watching, fully dressed.

Thomas Hwang's father went as well and was always smiling whenever our eyes met. I think we have this older people bond. With Edwin Eng, we have Jennifer and Hwee Peng from ECS Astar as well. I mentioned Fan and Celyn, the cigarette waving 'in the ayer' girl. Very attractive pair, this two girls. I discovered that Celyn's Chinese name was Ng Chui Lian when she went up to claim a lucky draw. From then on, I started calling her Ah Lian and promptly 20 other people followed. I think she will be known by this name for a couple of years, at least.

On board, we had CJ and the terribly handsome Luen from Digital World. Ah Luen can drink quite a fair bit. Quite a party animal too.

I met up with Cindy again. She was formerly in my team in Canon some years ago. Currently she has married into the Pacific Office family and went on a Pacific Office ticket. She had in tow a child. She was extremely active and I see her everywhere.

I spoke to the girl from BMC (still cannot remember her name). She informed me that BMC is not much of a gay outfit nowadays and is more mixed, if you will.

And yes, Eric Ooi and his wife Patricia from Vision Media Supplies Penang were with us on this trip. Ever so gracious and humble, this multi-millioneric couple.

There, I am going to sleep already.

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