Friday, December 26, 2008

A somewhat Delightful Cruise

So this is how I look like to somebody behind me.

I like it. Looks better than the front angle.

So, where was I going?

Canon delighted us again with a cruise from Port Kelang to Penang and then Singapore and then back to PK. All in, it took 3 days and nights, leaving on a Thursday afternoon and was back by Sunday morning.

Which ship?

It was the Libra. It was not the largest. Virgo was. This one has between 1000 to 1500 people on board to keep you company.

This incentive program was organized by Canon Consumer Imaging and Information Division to delight resellers who can obtained a ticket every time they buy in a certain value of printer ink and toner cartridges.

Who did I go with?

I went with my relatives. From left you have Jeremy, Swit, Irene and Jeradyne.

So what company did I have when I want to drink in the evening.

Thomas Hwang from Comsat Media went as well. I was happy to see Edwin Eng of ECS Astar on board too.

And "How was the trip?"
Well, it has got its ups and downs. No, the ship did not go up and then down below the waves, TGIF! Thank God It Floats!
There was a screw up in our accommodation arrangements We needed one double and a threesome. Our tickets showed initially that we were like torn apart. Lucky thing Jeffrey Kung stepped in with another attractive girl from BMC to save the day. TGIG, Thank God Issues Gowtim. Credit too to another girl Rosanna representing Star Cruise.
I noticed another case like us. I think that guy is called Michael from FotoFlash with a party of seven.
Food. What can I say. Lots and Lots and Lots and Lots of It. People keep eating and eating and eating all day long. You have breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and supper till 2am. Feeding our faces almost seemed seamless, flowing from one meal to another. TGIH! Thank God It's Hover! (just ignore the H).
Time ashore. We had like 2 hours in Penang and 1 hour in Singapore. What is there to do? Feed our faces again with Penang chow kwai teow, Penang laksa, Penang gor chap and walk around the nearby shopping mall Vivo in Singapore.
Time aboard. We did not join the activities organized for no valid reasons. They have Bingo, Dance lessons, Yoga lessons, Family games, etc. I was chased out of the Casino as Jeradyne was too young and looked that way.
There was a song show by a couple of African American. The man was reputed to have composed and performed the song "You make me feel brand new" when he was with the Stylistics. it would not have been such a let down if I have not expected so much basing on his credentials.
There was another dance show, first FOC for non-paying patrons. After that, they dance again for the second time for fee paying customers topless. I was not there.
Did I enjoy the cruise?
Yah! Two nights, we were at the disco, Boomer's, I think. I did not dance of course. But watching Celyn was worth the time. Celyn from Ingram Micro was doing her thang. Shaking her booty with always a cigarette waving "in the Ayer". Celyn has a good looking friend accompanying called Fan. I became a fan of Fan.
Jeffrey Kung and Stephanie were good hosts and I look forward to be delighted again.

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