Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tropic Thunder ..... again.

I am not giving up yet.

If you have read my preceding post, you would be awared of me saying that youtube has taken off all the juicy stuff that were uploaded by fans. Copyrights infringements probably.

Peter Chow encouraged me to try Metacafe. I did. The original clips I wanted were also not there. Same issues probably.

However I found this one. Not my favorite scene. Though a damn good one. I've downloaded it and then re-uploaded it here for you. (Just in case, it might be taken out as well. 13.2 MB is not too big.)

For those who have not seen this awesome movie, the bald headed guy with a tummy and huge arms is Tom Cruise. The curly haired person is Mathew McConaughey and in the last part of the clip, the sandy haired one is Ben Stiller.

The sound on this video clip is a little soft. Do not be shy to turn up the volume to listen to the dialogue. The music was Flo Rida of course. The song was Low, of course.

Once again, go buy a DVD and watch this movie 4 times. You will discover fresh stuff every time you watch.

Hey, watch this one as well. This is supposedly the best scene when Tom Cruise did a dance as well at the end of the movie. This clip was cut short though. Nonetheless, Tom Cruise was 'something else', to use a term that Lim Kok Hin would. The song once again was of course Get Back! by Ludacris.

"Get Back! Motherfucker You don't know me like that".

Tropic Thunder - Tom Cruise Balla Nella Scena Finale - The most amazing videos are a click away

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