Sunday, February 22, 2009

The 2009 Oscars

The 81st Annual Academy Awards, to be held at Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles, will be aired live on Star Movies (Astro Chanel 413) on Monday at 9am, with a repeat at 8pm.

This year’s ceremony will be hosted by actor Hugh Jackman.

The 8pm repeat will include an exclusive, on-the-ground Red Carpet Special hosted by Channel [V]’s Dominic Lau.

So guys, do not forget to feign an illness, take medical leave and watch the event live tomorrow morning. For first timers, the most common but effective excuse for not turning up for work is diarrhea due to food poisoning. Doctors usually take your word for it, prescribe you some stuff and promptly award you a medical certificate without hassles. (Doctor Muthu used to be so kind. He'll give you whatever you want with much concern thrown in.)

Unfortunately, I have an important appointment in the morning and will have to give the live a miss. Okay, so will have to settle for the repeat in the evening.

The only nominated Best Picture movie that I saw was The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. This one has 13 nominations! As I mentioned earlier, the concept of this movie is crap. You just imagine maybe 2 years ago, I tell you. "Hey, I think maybe Hollywood should make a movie about a man born 80 years old and age backwards to become a baby again. We can throw in a love story between this man and a woman when they start having wild sex in their 30's or so. Don't worry about the scientists and or the Government getting into the act. Let's just pretend this secret can be kept and get everybody in a denial mode. We should also invite famous actors for this project, like maybe Brad Pitt? like maybe Cate Blancett?. What do you think?"

However, I agreed with everybody that this movie was very well made in every way. Just that, I thought the story concept was such a poor excuse for a movie.

I watch Dark Knight too. Somehow, I can't remember too much about this movie. Heath Ledger may win the Best Supporting Actor. However, I hope Robert Downey Jr., in Tropic Thunder wins in this category.

Kate Winslet sucked in The Holiday movie. But the trailers and clips of the movie The Reader that I watched lately showed her being very impressive. She was nominated for Best Actress in this movie and The Reader was nominated for Best Picture.

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