Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Buy Lunch

First, may I remind readers that a sense of humor is a pre-requisite.

Here below I copied and pasted an article I found on the web today. I shall buy lunch in Seremban Favourite Restaurant or Koon Kee or Chan Sow Lin Rd 5 or similar for the first person who can identify the source.

This site has been up since January 2005.

Winning elections in Malaysia

In Bolehland, winning elections is a no-brainer. Anyone can become a prominent YB(Yang Bodoh/Yang Babi) these days - even a university reject (don't believe me, ask Najis Tong Rosak).

To gain Malay votes, you just have to promise them first-class citizen treatment. As for the Chinese promise them lots of money, business opportunities and good fortune. Then for the Indians promise you won't demolish Hindu temples anymore.

For the Orang Asli...err...who cares. Their votes are too small to make a difference, but if you insist then just promise the usual stuff - more transport and infrastructure into their jungles, more hospitals, etc. However you should NOT promise them first class citizen treatment - or the Malays will jail you under ISA for treason.

Of course, as in all elections around the world, you can forget about fulfilling your promise once you won, so that later you can promise the same thing again!!Can meh? Of course we can. Malaysia Boleh Mah!


jeeneze said...

Is from 'Uncyclopedia'...but I don't know who's the author.

tkchow said...
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