Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wong Choon Heng is Back (and Back)

Wong Choon Heng now with Canon Europa was back for 2 weeks and has since gone back to suffer in cold London Town last Saturday. He won't be wearing this light weight red T-shirt when he disembark. 13 hours flight time, he said.

When you keep in touch via the Internet, viz emails, facebook, blogs; you don't get the feeling of not having seen somebody for 2 years when you meet up again.

We did lunch together with IT whiz kid Peter Chow. Originally we wanted to eat Kajang Satay in Damansara Utama assuming that a Malay restaurant would surely be opened on the 5th day of the Chinese New Year. Well, it wasn't.

We walked over to Koon Kee for a lunch of one ton mee. Alvin Yeoh was supposed to join us, but something came up.

Ah Heng is doing well in London in the Marketing Department. Very positive, jovial and looked highly motivated. However, they say if things are going well, then the sales department is doing great. And if not, then the marketing department is to blame. Happens in all Canon companies all over the world.


No kids planned yet, but I am sure the process is not being neglected. Ah Heng will be back again next CNY.

News has it that Leonovo Malaysia is currently restructuring. Apparently a VSS exercise has just being conducted with 30-35 people leaving, clutching a few months pay to seek their fortune somewhere else.

Peter Chow remains with additional responsibilites. Of course, he can handle come what may.

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