Saturday, February 14, 2009

Some light stuff on a Saturday Morning

Before you continue, let me caution you, that a spoken command of the Cantonese language is necessary.

So, this girl spoke to her younger brother and he in turn spoke to his college mate and she spoke to me.

Unlike the Tortoise and Hare story, this one has three parts.

Char Siew Pau and Man Tou went to watch a sad movie. Char Siew Pau cried and Man Tou didn't. Why?

Char Siew Pau and Lin Yoong Pau went to see a Comedy. Lin Yoong Pau laugh and the other didn't. Why?

Mr and Mrs Char Siew Pau took their kid across the road and a truck ran over the kid, smashed into and broke open the kid. Mr Char Siew Pau slapped the wife. Why?

Answers after this video clip. (like a commercial break mah)

1. Man Tou has no 'feelings'.

2 Char Siew Pau and Lin Yoong Pau have different 'feelings'.

3 The fillings in the kid was not 'char siew'.

The younger brother of the first girl of whom this piece came from, is called Park Leng, a student of Brickfields Asia College.

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