Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pardon my Pessimism

I am feeling a little depressed this evening so please pardon my pessimism.

Events especially of late give me a sense of frustration, despair and hopelessness.

I have decided earlier that I would not emigrate, but you may want to ask me again.

So now, you cannot buy beer in a Muslim majority area? Fuck me dead!

I see 3 things that are fundamentally wrong.

1. Things written in the Constitution. Airheads are constantly telling me that this or that is enshrined in the Constitution. Malay supremacy for one. Is this doing any good economically to the common Malay. You tell me. After 50 fucking years, is it working? This stupid thing can only retard the whole country and everybody suffers. Well, the 5,000 people in position shall continue to build bigger mansions.

Let's just change parts of the Constitution? Is it supposed to last 10,000 years without amendments.

How the fuck can it be wrong if all citizens in all countries enjoy equal rights!

2. Religion. All Malays are Muslim. Born such and near impossible to convert out. You marry a Muslim, you cannot not be a Muslim. Why are they so scared? If Islam is a great religion, people would want to embrace the faith. Why the force and restrictions? Maybe Islam is a great religion. People elsewhere embrace the faith voluntarily. Here, being a Malay is being a Muslim. You do not embrace Islam. It embrace you.

3. I am too upset to remember what is this 3rd thing. I think it has something to do with race. The Chinese Malaysians and the Indian Malaysians.

I am pretty tired now and I want to go to sleep.

Still, frustrated and filled with despair and hopelessness.

What a country we inherited.


joe said...

Now i know what will really upset this cool n composed man..STOP SELLING BEERS..!!haha..Cheers mate.

DeZemBer said...

Stay cool Stan... It's just another publicity stunt. :)

stanleycheong said...

Thanks for the feedbacks, guys.

At times, it is difficult not to be upset with those motherfuckers.

tkchow said...

All man was created equal, but rights were not equally granted to all men. We need to stand up and not to fight but to be heard for our rights (fighting never got us anywhere) and not run/migrate to another country where we will still be second class citizens (WCH, i am not referring directly to you). Think of our other brothers and sisters who have no means to run/migrate, who will speak for them? In any case this is MY country as well and I love it here especially all the food .. :-). We need to be part of the process of change.

Stanley coffee/tea, call...


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