Friday, January 2, 2009

My Driving License

I was made aware yesterday that I have to renew my Driving License.

So okay, got to get it done.

I have been renewing my license over the last 40 years or so. After such a long time, I think it is reasonable for me to ask this question. "Is this necessary?!"

Jeradyne has sat for her SPM examinations and if everything goes according to the laws of nature, she should get her certification (in the form of a certificate, what else?).

So what does it mean. Well, I suppose it means that she has reached a certain level of qualification. Similarly, I suppose getting your Driving License means that now you have the qualifications to drive! ..Duh!

If you do not have to renew your SPM on a yearly basis, then why do you have to renew your freaking Driving License. I have been doing it for the past 40 years or so. I am sekarang more than a bit fed-up.

Anybody wants to tell me that my thinking is off? Something wrong with my cranial faculties?

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