Tuesday, January 20, 2009

There's Something about Mary

I believe Peter Chow asked me once about Garry Ng, our previous Product Manager in SBC/Printer Department.

An opportunity arise last week.

Just before I attended Ralph Tay's birthday bash, I thought it would be a good idea to call Garry. I did.

He did not take the call but somebody called back later and said "Who's this?". I was tempted to say "Ah Long ahr". I didn't.

Garry and his wife exchanged hand phones and so it was Mary on the line. No man in his right mind would exchange hand phones with the original number with his wife. It can give rise to .... well, situations!. But Garry is no ordinary man.

Most people would say their mothers are the best cooks in the world. I suppose this stems from the belief that their mothers would stop feeding them if they say something else.

I say Mary is the best cook in the world. In the late 80's, I used to freeload 2 dinners a week feeding on Mary's culinary wonders. Almost every time, she would have Western and Eastern creations at the same time. And I am not talking about fusion dishes. I meant both Western and Eastern dishes at any one sitting!

I asked her if I can come for dinners again and being the nicest person in the world, she cheerfully said "Yes".

During his time Garry singlehandedly made popular in Canon the word "Motherf***er". He used to sit on my left and after hearing that word 3400 times, I have adopted it and now use it casually.

Garry works in Penang now with Clarion (source: Ralph Tay) and spends weekends in the Klang Valley. Although a man of means, he still need a good income as his daughter Sharon had yet to graduate as a Doctor. Edward his son, I think is an Accountant with one of the big four.

I have no recent pictures of Garry. This one was when he was extremely good looking. Third person from the right and sitting is our hero.

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