Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Random CNY Post

Nobody would nor should be interested in what I did on the first 3 days of the Chinese New Year.


However, since I am calling the shots here ..

I have never being on a LRT (or Monorail) in this country before. I thought it would be a good idea to try it on the 1st day of the Chinese New Year. I drove to the nearest station i.e. in Sri Petaling and seek assistance to go to KL Sentral.

I bought a RM1.90 ticket and board the train that came. There was nobody on the train! Look!

I didn't realize then that Sri Petaling was the first/last stop of that route.

I got off at Masjid Jamek, supposedly to change lines for KL Sentral. Shit!. I have to get out of the station and walk to another. Well, I did and finally arrived in KL Sentral after purchasing another ticket at RM1.30.

2 things struck me. Although KL Sentral is supposed to be the hub, not all trains converge there. Two, you may have to walk out of a station and go to another to connect to another line.

I thought these 2 things are not very cool.

On the 2nd day, I have the urge to visit Bangladesh, a country of 155 million people, formerly East Pakistan. I heard a lot of them look like Bollywood movie stars.

Alas, because of such short notice, I merely went down to KL City around the Foch Avenue, behind Kota Raya area to experience some simulations. I did not get down from the car and hence missed out on some opportunities showing thousands of this people in some places.

On the 3rd day, I went to a temple along High Street (current name?) for a people/gods meet up. I do not know the name of this place as it was written in Chinese. Actually, I should know; in view of the fact that I did 5 years of after school tuition on the Chinese language opposite this temple. The school then was known as Kwong Siew (2nd school?).
In the temple, everybody was really busy doing what they should do. Including making little rounds passing below one of the altars as well. The expressions on some of the Gods were pretty fierce and I was a little scared.

Don't tell anybody. But I too went to a church last Christmas. This place is called The Sanctuary of Glory in Overseas Union Garden. I noticed quite a lot of people of African origin although the Pastor spoke a mixture of English and Cantonese.

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