Thursday, January 22, 2009

There's Something about Margaret too

Margaret Lim/Poon is Larry Poon's wife.

I have not seen Margaret for like maybe 15 years?

The family, Larry, Margaret, son Jonathan, daughter Kara has emigrated to Sydney Australia for quite some time now. Possibly 14 years.

They came back for a holiday recently and I had to chance to yam cha with Margaret before the mother and kids went back to Aussieland a few days ago. My eyes could have been playing tricks on my mind as Margaret's face has not changed a bit. Maybe she did a perfect facelift. Seriously, she put on a couple of pounds. Must be enjoying the home cooked food in Sydney. You know, the ones she cooked herself. She mentioned Bak Kut Teh amongst others.

Like a couple of uncle and auntie, we spoke about many other people and a lot about the kids. Jonathan is now a IT whiz kid writing programs for Wespac Australia and Kara's in Uni (or pre-Uni?) and now a Grade 7 saxophone expert. She performed as part of a troupe for the recent Beijing Olympics in China. Of course, my kids are like me, generally jokers and generalists.

I did not get a chance to meet up with the kids as they were probably avoiding an old person like me.

Larry as you know owns and runs Avaxx, one of the two distributors for Nokia products.

No photos were taken during the yam cha session with Margaret as there was a photo immunity pre-condition before the meet-up.

Some older pictures taken in 1982?

Richard Yeow is in there somewhere too.

Incidentally, it would be wonderful if conditions here in this country are such that people emigrate for reasons other than the usual educational opportunities and standards, racial and religious discrimations, moving out of a corrupt governmental system, .. etc.

.... all are equal, all are free and all deserve a chance to pursue their full measure of happiness .... Barack Obama.

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