Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Simon Wong - The Prodigal Son Returns

The word prodigal surely does not describe the situation accurately. But I like the word.

All the Canon girls who have not had enough of Simon Yam now has a new avenue for close proximity with the Hong Kong Star.

Things could have changed though. When Simon Wong left, his rank position in Canon Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd was not as a Assistant Director. Hence the approachability quotient was in the high 90's. Now it could be a big question mark. I have not seen him for quite a while already. Research is necessary.

I remember he likes to sing. One look at this photo and anyone can tell.

Can he sing well? I can vouch for his competency when he sings for CanonMalaysians girls. This ability has gotten him into situations before.
Pleasant ones.
Simon Wong, I heard, has gone back to the same rice bowl in Canon. Only this time, the material of the bowl has appreciated many times.
This guy doesn't put on weight like the rest. Richard Yeow, Donny Ling, Ooi Chik Hoe, Larry Poon, Patrick Yee, Terenze Lim, Rocky Loot. Even Thee Kien Lai has put on some weight. He is more like KK Leong. (or has he put on weight lately?)
Rumor has it that when Simon Wong first reported to work this time round, somebody in Canon asked him who he was looking for! This was a top secret appointment.
I wonder if Richard Yeow will try to push him around seeing that Simon Wong was his macai for a number of years, before this appointment.

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