Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour with Kids

Tell me if you share the same experience.

Me and my wife are always switching electricals off after the kids.

They leave everything on after switching them on. The lights everywhere, the fans, the computers etc. (some exaggerations here) Possibly not having the pay for the usage would be a reasonable reason.

We came back today after some shopping and a dinner just before Earth Hour was over. At about 9.30pm. I switched on the bathroom lights. My daughter asked "Ay, what are you doing?"

"I need to use the bathroom" I answered.

"No, you have to switch the lights off. This is still Earth Hour, dad."

Let's change the subject.

Yah, somebody mentioned Andy Lau and his cancellation of the wedding plans with Carol Chu after discovering that Carol Chu is not pregnant as suspected earlier.

If true, what a silly man.

Quite a few said that Andy's first kid attended the same primary school as my daughter. However, nobody has ever being able to point out the kid to me nor can anybody point out the house that Carol Chu lives these 20 years or so in Overseas Union Gardens, my turf.

Do they exist!?


DeZemBer said...

Exactly Stanley... We should be practicing Earth hour every day, and not 60 mins a yr.

stanleycheong said...

Hi Dezember, good to have another greenie among my friends


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