Sunday, March 1, 2009

Liew Sip Chon - Birthday Coming Up

Liew Sip Chon's 2009 Birthday is any time now.

Shereen Phua said she has to go back to Chengdu China on the same week. Hence a few of us old friends met up with Liew a little earlier. Older folks should not use the phrase 'celebrate birthdays'. It gives the impression that we like to grow old and hence celebrate.

Lunch was at Oriental Pavilion Jaya 33. We talked about old times again. Older people always talk about old times. Could be a good thing that sometimes older people develop Alzheimer's. Makes the old stories seem like fresh when you can't remember.

People in attendance were Liew Sip Chon, Shereen Phua, Jullie Chin, KC Han and myself.

I noticed that lately Liew likes to tell stories. Remember the Hare and Tortoise episode? This time, he related the one (true case, he said) about the call-in Radio Show in Australia.

In that show, the DJ invited a married man to call in. Then he was asked 3 questions of which he must answer truthfully. Subsequently, the wife will be called and the same 3 questions will be asked of his wife. If the answers match, then they will win a free trip to sunny Bali, all expenses paid.

Being asked what he did at 8.00am that morning, the man answered that he made love to his wife and with the next question, he said it lasted 15 minutes. In the last answer as to where it was done, he mentioned they did it in the kitchen.


Then the wife was called whilst the husband remained on the line. She was explained the rules and answer the first one correctly, saying that they had sex at 8.00am that morning. She said it lasted 10 minutes. This answer was deemed correct as most men like to think it being longer than actual. So now we have only the last question standing in the way for them to win the Bali holiday prize.

She was reluctant to tell where it was done even with the encouragements from the husband on the other line. He was saying "It's ok, honey. Go tell them and we can go for this Bali holiday. You always wanted to go, right?. Go on, go tell them."

Kindly check in tomorrow for the answer to see if they won the prize to an all expenses paid holiday to Bali, Indonesia.

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