Monday, March 16, 2009

Gillian Chung - A Year Later

We all knew that about a year ago, superstud Edison Chen came into the news shocking the East.
I have here some samplings on Gillian Chung in a interview recently with Stephen Chan on the "Be My Guest" show.

Should you want to watch the show in its entirety, it has 36 episodes and of course, they are easily available on youtube.

Just so you know, I stopped watching at about the 10th episode.

Why? .. The show was extremely boring. It was very very slow moving and it really do test patience. Stephen Chan was not a good interviewer, in my book.

I do empathize with what Gillian (ah Gil) is going through and the negative effects it has on her career currently. However, during the interview, the 28 years old Gillian did talk like a young teenager. I can't help but think that there is a possibility of false pretence here, possibly deliberately seeking sympathy?

In yesterday's Channel News Asia:

HONG KONG: Hong Kong celebrity Gillian Chung has made her first official comeback appearance. Her clean cut image was shattered last year by a sex-photo scandal involving actor Edison Chen.

The 28-year-old appeared as the regional ambassador for a local fashion label, Bauhaus TOUGH Jeansmith. She reportedly received a seven-digit sum for the gig.

Fighting back tears, Chung vowed to team up once again with her "Twins" partner, Charlene Choi.

"For Ah-Sha (Charlene) to handle 'Twins' on her own this past year was not easy. When I saw her on-screen, I could see she was really tired. So I called her to say 'I'm sorry' and she told me I didn't need to say it again. We are very close, so I can't disappoint her again," she said.

Really, she is such a pretty girl.

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