Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jrock Tamashii

Yeah, Jeremy Cheong with his band Strawberry Jam performed in this year's festival in Sunway Pyramid, Republic Bar recently.

Jeradyne did a post on this event, with her usual humor cum sarcasm thrown in for good measure. Some topless photos featured as well.


There seemed to be a decent following for Japanese Rock in this country, and they hold a festival every year where several bands rock it out for several hours one evening.

I have attended a few of these gigs and this year's event was last Saturday in Sunway. This time round, they have 7 bands with 2 guest bands.

I know quite a number of you ( me too) may wonder why should there be so many young people going crazy over Japanese rock. Possibly they too wonder why quite a number of us go crazy over fish head meals.

Here they have a promo video for the event as well.

By the way, I was pleasantly surprised to see a band from Malacca comprising of Malay members. I think the name was Gemini. I too saw quite a few Malay fans, some in tudungs, head banging a bit. So good to see a racial mix in a young people event.

Okay, you may know John's Mistress, one of the better local group. This band guested last Saturday and it was my first time watching them.

I was not very impressed. I thought they did not put in enough effort. However over the radio, their hit song Numb was very good, in my opinion. I can't find a good video clip on this song. The following, recorded live in Laundry Bar, The Curve is acoustically terrible. But it is the best I can come up with. Try looking for this song on your own on a file sharing facility like Limewire?

Don't you think their music reminds you of the late Kurt Corbain and Nirvana?

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