Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Peter Chow has an opinion

This, I received via email from Peter Chow recently.


Some thoughts to share with you:

With reference to below article


While we still do not have say in who is going to run our country, the race for the deputy president is very important as whoever wins will for sure be deputy prime minister as well and the future leader of our country. Of the 3 candidates, 1 has already been barred and the other was also tainted before in australia. that leaves Muhyiddin... Frankly I do not know much about him and I think he looks like a thug.

It is very sad to see our country in the hands of these kinds of people. I have a classmate who is married and aged 39 this year, he refused to have children here in Malaysia and is waiting for his migration application to Australia to have kids there... this is really sad.

By the way, I went with Peter Chow for lunch 2 days back in a restaurant called Subak in Bukit Lanjan, you know Elizabeth Wong's constituency. Fusion food. The Balinese setting was natural and peaceful.

The food was excellent. We had special tom yam, spring chicken and cod. A bit pricey though with servings lesser than I expected.

Have him take you there. Then later, bring your girlfriend/boyfriend there. You can score some points here.


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