Wednesday, March 18, 2009

These are NOT the Academy Awards

To say that these are not exciting news would be an understatement. Nonetheless, I am proud.

My former school Methodist Boys Secondary School, Kuala Lumpur has some pretty good results on the recent release of the 2008 SPM Examinations.

The following is on the school website as written by the current Headmaster, Mr Wong Chee Kheong.

The SPM 2008 results that were released on 12 March 2009 proved to be a very proud and significant moment in the history of MBSSKL. Not only was the overall performance of the school, measured by the school average grade, at the historical best, the school also bagged a record number of awards given by the state education department and had a 100% pass once again. MBSSKL’s name was called up five times at the auditorium at the state education department to receive the following awards:

Best improvement in the average grade

Highest percentage of As in Bahasa Melayu
Highest percentage of As in Physics

Highest percentage of As in Mathematics

Improvement of 0.37 in the average grade

The school has an overall average grade of 3.18, a historical best and a 100% passes.

I first saw this tall 29 year old Canadian actress Lauren Lee Smith, in the very exciting, sick, scary, dark and gross movie Pathology.

The following video clip was from the same movie featuring Lauren Lee Smith and the famous Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes).

Viewers discretion is a must here, as the clip contains some very explicit sex scenes.

Currently, Lauren Lee Smith is a regular on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation as Riley Adams.

This next clip is tame and you can watch it with your 8 year old kids or kid brothers/sisters.

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