Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Abolish ISA Vigil last Sunday

I do not know how many Sunday vigils has been held already. Nonetheless, I am happy to note that the one held two days ago in MBPJ was without any untoward incidents unlike the previous Sunday where police charge into the supporters while they were singing the National Anthem.

I stole this picture taken 2 days ago at the vigil from Haris Ibrahim who in turn nicked it from delCapo.

I support the Abolish ISA movement as I hate bullies. However I have not yet attended any of the Sunday events yet. You can say that I certainly don't walk the talk.

For those not there and would like a report with pictures and videos, please visit Anil Netto's site. There were quite some Pakatan Rakyat people there including Teresa Kok and the video guy Loh Gwo Burne.

Of course Raja Petra was there.

I can see so many young people of various races there and can't help but reject Tun Mahathir's notion that Malaysia is not ready for non-racialistic political parties yet. I can't help but feel Mahathir has strong ulterior motives in stating his opinions.

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