Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jeeneze Blogs!

Jeeneze Lee blogs.

Once upon a time, we have 3 Charlie's Angels in our Personnel Department. Those days we call a changkul and changkul and not some silly term like Human Resource.

Charlie has another name. He was also known as Andrew Kong whose brother is today a State Assemblyman in Ipoh, I think. Andrew also was the Personnel Manager then.

See this picture.

They were then the totally virginal, untouched Brenda Kua, Jeeneze Lee and Angela Woon. Now they all have children calling you uncles and aunties if you bump into them.

Let me point the blogging Jeeneze out for you. Yah, those days it was fashionable to wear high waist jeans.

Andrew Kong aka Charlie is in this picture below. Go figure.

You don't see much of Shareen Thum's legs nowadays. You don't see much of Richard Yeow's moustache nowadays You don't see much of Ooi Chik Hoe taking time out to have a picture taken nowadays. I don't see much of Yee Wai Mun nowadays.

Okay, okay that one was Annie Peng who used to be with Service Administration. For the educated folks, its Market Intelligence Administration. Annie is now in Beijing I heard.

Jeeneze has two blogs. One on her thoughts (this woman can think one) and the other one on food. I have added both links on my blog links of which you will find on the right..

She is also on Facebook. You will find recent pictures there. You won't be disappointed looking at those pictures. She could have done some extensive nip/tuck though.

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