Thursday, November 20, 2008

Any Blogging CanonMalaysians?

On the chatbox on the right..

<stanley>: hi ah heng, do u noe of any canonm'sians who blog as well?
<ah_heng>: I will certainly like to know that too ;) Maybe your next post should ask this question in CAPITAL and let them respond ;)

I thought of asking the first General Manager Steven Wong who was with us in the 70's and 80's if he blogs. He is currently 65 years old. I should be meeting up with him this coming Saturday and I thought I just wanted to try and see if my predicted response would come true.

"You chiseen ahr? I where got time. You think I like you, so old still want to pretend like young kid, blogging lah, facebook lah, also this what? twittering lah."

I think I can achieve 80% accuracy especially the "chiseen" and the "old still want to pretend" part.

He is one of the three previous managers here taking a leak.

The second photo gives a frontal view, him being on the far left. You should recognise at least one other fellow here.

Okay, so he does not blog. Unlike Mahathir.

Do you? Let me know? Your friends? Some CanonMalaysians you know who do?

Frances Yip? Peter Chow? Let's give Wong Choon Heng some company. Can?

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