Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Road Names should NOT be changed

At first it was Circular Road, then it became Jalan Pekeliling and now it is Jalan Tun Razak.

Has anybody benefited?

And we continue to do these relentlessly. We've made Foch Avenue, High Street, Campbell Road and many many others disappeared. We tried to fool around with Jalan Alor and now what is this silly proposal to rename Jalan Silibin in Ipoh to Jalan P. Patto?

Hey brother, we would need to get used to new names, change addresses in our Identity Cards, Driving Licences, Names Cards, Company stationeries, make and change new road signs, etc..

Aiyoh! for what!

A letter was written by JAYARAJ KGS, Sitiawan, Perak and sent in to The Star today and I think it is an interesting read. He also has an excellent suggestion.

Changing road names doesn’t make sense

NOWADAYS, our politicians seem to have nothing better to do than to wage wars on renaming roads and streets and also making a big fuss on additional languages on signboards.

The latest fiasco is focussed on ..
please continue here.

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