Saturday, November 29, 2008

Andrew Kong is no longer 39 - The People

Familiar faces and pets.

Canon Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd was registered with the Registrar of Companies in September 1986 and officially began its existence in this country 01.01.1987.

Then, in addition to my portfolio as the Product Manager of Calcultors and Electronic Typewriters, I was asked and began duties as the 1st Personnel Manager.

The baton was passed over to Goh Kheng Peow after a year or so, and then to Andrew Kong. Andrew left in 1992. Today he runs Pryda, an Australian company. As they have not sacked him after so many years, he must be doing a good job. This company does air-powered nailers, staplers, pinners and the fasteners they drive. He proposed to Gladys, another CanonMalaysian and Gladys gladly accepted his proposal. Together as a team, they produced 3 good looking, tall and muscular boys who are all grown up now.

The good looking Husky you see in the pictures below is a new family addition.

With all the good things I say about Andrew, hopefully he'll organize another feast again soon.

You'll appreciate that Andrew Kong is no longer 39.

The people who attended the banquet include Jack Lim and Patricia, Steven Wong and Clara, Larry Poon, Patrick Yee and Mrs, Goh Kheng Peow and TC, Yan Yoke Ping.

You would probably know that Yan Yoke Ping, a CanonMalaysian is now the Country Manager for Hewlett-Packard Imaging and Printing Group.

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