Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Great Deal of a Great Meal

"An idle mind is the Devil's workshop", they say.

Yesterday late morning found myself alone and idle. My son was working (hopefully so I won't have to). My wife went to the mall and my daughter did her post SPM disappearance.

So, 3 things came to mind. Go back to sleep or pig-out.

I know, I know. I said 3 things. Can't a guy keep a thing or two secret?

Pig-out won. One of my all time favorite restaurants is this one called 'Yu Ai' in Segambut. They have the most awesome seafood curry mee. Being there countless times. They too have a branch in SS2 next to the Kayu Mamak.

You may not know yet. But they have another branch in Kuchai Entrepreneur's Park, near my home.

What's really special about this particular branch is that the full business hasn't hit in yet, being relatively new. So, right now they give you so much seafood in your bowl that you have to experience to believe. Going through the seafood, you chew on the prawns, fish fillets, mussels, lala's, squids, etc. Believe me, one can get tired and needs a rest in between prior to finishing the bowl.

I took the smaller portion which costs RM15.00. Definitely enough for 1.5 persons. The large portion costs RM17.00 per.

This place is along the same row as Malayan Banking Berhad and in between Oldtown White Coffiee and Old City Kopitiam.

"A Great Deal of a Great Meal"


See here for another person's review of their SS2 branch

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