Friday, May 15, 2009

Australia - The Movie

Just look at this picture.

A horse, Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman in the movie released end last year, Australia.

I watched this movie recently.

In the picture, the one above, we have a majestic looking and buff Hugh Jackman striding a large horse, with its head dipped in submission. Nicole Kidman leaning close with her head up surrendering to his touch, her hands hanging limp by her sides opening herself out to him, offering no resistance.

Yeah. This picture promises great sex ahead.

Well, now back to the movie. This film bombed at the last Oscars, but I enjoyed this movie. It is a classic romantic adventure with great looking people and spectacular scenery's.

What spoilt this movie, in my opinion, is that it tried too hard to make the story more complex than it should be. In doing so, the movie dragged on too long exceeding 2.5 hours. It would have been better if the movie is shortened leaving out the last portion where the young aboriginal boy was kidnapped resulting in a lost and found nonsense part. The end part did not tug at any of my heart's strings.

Hugh Jackman was awesome looking in the scene where he bath in the open pouring a barrel of water down his half naked hunk of a body. He is just so hot!

Nicole Kidman was terribly good looking as usual with fantastic features. However I do not think she would epitomize what Asian men would consider desirable.

I like the earlier Elton John with his Saturday's Alright for Fighting, Daniel, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Your Song, Candle in the Wind than of late.

However, this ballad is very pleasant.


~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T said...

awwhh this movie got me in nostalgia! back in penang, mom keeps asking me to buy the dvd back for her and when i finally did, she always makes me watch this movie with her!

somehow, i guess it's not my type of movie but when it watched it, i actually kinda loved it :)

Anonymous said...

A horse, hugh and nicole. What, you mean like a threesome? lol

stanleycheong said...

Hi Jessica, tx for dropping by. Saw some pretty impressive pictures on your site

stanleycheong said...

Jeradyne, go hit the books.

BTW, the horse is too big to go anywhere.


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