Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chill out Fridays at 3rd Mile Square

Received a call from Pauline Wong yesterday. Pauline was with Canon in the 90's.

If my information is correct, she and a partner were responsible for the creation of 3rd Mile Square in Klang Road. Oldtown White Coffee has quite a big outlet there.

Together with Danny Lee, Chua Hock Keat, Malani Cumarasamy, Serena Ong, Noraini Ibrahim, Jeeneze Lee, Joe Wong, Pauline Wong; we went there to a pub called Bernie's for a couple of drinks for a couple of times.

This time round, Pauline asked us to go this friday to chill out. Old people like me usually get the chill whenever somebody ask us to chill out. We are always worried about the eternal chill.

Come, join us if you are game. I was told to expect some street party. Well, at least I should be able to find good company.

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