Sunday, May 17, 2009

Simon Yam and the Canon Camwhores

Simon Yam was in town recently. I think he came to give some lectures to the Canon personnel. He was also in town for the Canon 50th anniversary SLR camera event. I could be wrong. You know my sources of information are not the most reliable.

Anyhow, once Simon comes to town, there will be a flurry of camwhoring.

Incidentally, for those a little behind the times, camwhoring is neither degrading nor is the term derogatory. In fact, camwhoring is a sought after activity.

Here, feast your eyes; photos galore.

For the record, my opinion so far is that Amy Teoh's efforts with Simon Yam will be hard to beat. Though her photos were taken many years ago, I deem them champion trophy materials.

Hey girls and boys, surprise me the next time Simon Yam comes around. Okay?

Photos borrowed and are the property of Rocky Loot, Christina Lee, Alicia Hooi, Amy Teoh etc.

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