Monday, May 4, 2009

Jeeneze's "One Year Sex Promise"






Did you read Jeeneze's post yesterday?

She was pretty candid and descriptive. Words like trap, getting an erection 365 consecutive days, staying erect were used. Sure to get many people thinking, erotically.

Okay, let's do some critical thinking here.

First, was the offer genuine. If so, we have to assume that the husband would want to have sex with his wife 365 consecutive days for it to be a gift and she knows the husband can do it. Hard for me to imagine though. He is 40 years old, mind you. Not 20.

However, if the offer was not genuine, then a few things come to mind readily.

1. She is a nymphomaniac.

2. She is mocking her husband, questioning her manhood publicly.

3. She is showing off to her friends, neighbors. A kiasu case here.

4. Her husband made her say those things. Another kiasu case here.

5. She knows her husband has got a woman or two on the side, and she wants to deprive her or them of any actions. To sort of exhaust the supply of bullets.

6. And finally, my take is that she just want to freaking sell her book in larger numbers. And you know what? Here I am helping her do so.

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